About Mismatch Shop

Mismatch Shop was founded on a simple idea: Why do shoes have to match? When was it decided that every pair of shoes has to be identical? Mismatch Shop aims to solve this problem by creating shoes that are designed to mismatch, creating a unique, fashionable look that lets you stand out!

Mismatched Shoes With Bright Contrasting Pink and Blue Colors

Contrast Candy

Our Contrast Candy Collection uses vivid and high-contrast colors to create shoes that have a bold look and make a sweet statement

Mismatched Shoes With Light Harmonizing Purple Colors

Hues & Harmonies

Our Hues & Harmonies collection uses calming hues and colors to create a serene look that will harmonize perfectly with any outfit

Mismatched Shoes With Black and Green Colors

Black to Basics

Our Black to the Basics collection uses one consistent black shoe to create a unique yet simple look that pairs with any style

A Pair of Shoes With Mismatched Red and Blue Colors

Opening Moves

Our Opening Moves collection use the color pairs that first inspired us to mimatch shoes and create a look that turns heads and makes a statement with every step.